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An award-winning design and innovation company building compelling products for bold brands. We connect research, strategy and design to deliver memorable digital experiences.


Stack works with leading brands and nonprofits to deliver bold and affecting video advertising campaigns. See recently completed works below.

[stack_video_gallery][stack_video_gallery_content class=“Documentary“ image=“14″ title=“Rip Curl Surfing“ embed=““][stack_video_gallery_content class=“Social Media“ image=“227″ title=“Ilk Yoga“ embed=““][stack_video_gallery_content class=“Television“ image=“228″ title=“Kinfolk Magazine“ embed=““][stack_video_gallery_content class=“Television“ image=“1007″ title=“Talent Bunker“ embed=““][stack_video_gallery_content class=“Social Media“ image=“874″ title=“Nike Active“ embed=““][stack_video_gallery_content class=“Documentary“ image=“149″ title=“Uncovered: Thailand“ embed=““][/stack_video_gallery]
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